Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty
Position: Visiting Faculty
Country of Origin: India
Email: mohanty@ait.ac.th

Academic Affiliation

School of Environment, Resources and Development

Areas of Expertise (Keywords)

Doctorate at the Laboratory of Energy of the Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse, France
Demand - Side Management
Energy Auditing and Conservation
Energy Efficiency Policies
Rational Use of Technology


Ph. D. Energy, Insitut National Polytechnique, Toulouse (France).

Professional Experience

8 years teaching and research experience at AIT.
1.5 years of post-doctoral research in C.N.R.S. and C.E.N. (France).
1 year of research at T.E.R.I. (India).
Regional Advisor for Asia of French Environment and Energy Management Agency for 3.5 years.

Present Research Involvements

ConductingTtraining Programmes and Workshops on topics related to Energy Efficiency and Management in different countries of the region..

Research Interests

Energy Auditing and Conservation.
Efficiency and Management in Buildings and Industries.
Demand - side Management.
Energy - Economy - Environment Interactions.
National and Regional Energy Efficiency Policies.

Selected Publications

Mohanty B. & Paloso J. (1995), "Enhancing Gas Turbine Performance by Intake Air Cooling Using Absorption Chiller, Heat Recovery Systems & CHP", Vol.15, No. 1, pp.41-50.
Mohanty B. (1994), Energy Efficiencyin Asian Industry, Pacific / Asia Regional Energy Efficiency Forum, World Energy Council - Malayasian National Committee, Kaula Lumpur.
Mohanty B., Pennington M. & lacrosse L. (1994), Outlook for Cogeneration with Alternative Energy Sources : The Case of Agro-Industrial Wastesin the ASEAN countries, Proceedings of the "AIC Cogeneration Conference", Bangkok, P3, pp.13.


Award :
Best Thesis Award for 1985 from National Centre for Scientific Research, C.N.R.S.

Member :
Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Energy, Heat and Mass Transfer.