Semester Offering: January

This course provides an overview of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), which include a wide range of information technology applications to surface transportation. The different categories of ITS to be covered include traffic management systems, traveler information systems, fleet control systems, commercial vehicle regulation systems, transit systems, rural systems, and vehicle control systems.


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) planning and human factor elements; application of monitoring, communications and information dissemination technologies to transportation systems; advanced traffic management for freeway and arterial systems; traveler information and public transportation systems; automated vehicle and highway systems; ITS evaluation methods and models.




I. History of ITS
1. History of ITS and highway operations
2. ITS timeline
3. ITS technological elements

II. ITS Legislation and Financing
1. Legal issues
2. Financial and economic issues

III. User Service
1. ITS user services
2. User service bundles

  • Travel and traffic management
  • Public transportation management
  • Electronic payment
  • Commercial vehicle operations
  • Emergency management
  • Information management

IV. ITS Components
1. Advanced traffic management systems (ATMS)
2. Advanced traveler information systems (ATIS)
3. Commercial vehicle operations (CVO)
4. Advanced public transportation systems (APTS)
5. Advanced rural transportation systems (ARTS)
6. Advanced vehicle control systems (AVCS)

V. ITS Standards
1. ITS architecture and standards
2. Development process

VI. ITS Technologies and Future of ITS
1. Mainstreaming ITS
2. Systems integration and upgrade
3. Future of ITS


Lecture notes provided by the instructor


AUSROADS (2003):
The Implication of Intelligent Transport Systems for Road Safety, First Edition.
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Transportation Research Record, TRB

Journal of Advance Transportation


Mid-Semester Examination 40%
Final Examination 60%
Close book exams