Semester Offering: August

This course aims to present the various modes of public transportation from their historical development to their current operational situations. Emphasis is placed on what to expect in the future from public transportation.


Public transportation system technologies, design, operation, and planning that include vehicle characteristics, bus transit, light rail and rail rapid transit, schedules and networks, capacity, passenger characteristics, paratransits.




I.            Introduction
1.      Overview of public transportation across the world
2.      History of public transportation

II.         Mass Transit System Design
1.      Introduction
2.      Features of mass transit system
3.      Modeling approaches
4.      Mass transit line design

III.       Bus System Design
1.      Introduction
2.      System characteristics of bus system
3.      Bus route design
4.      Bus system modeling
IV.      Paratransit System
1.      Introduction
2.      Developing countries and paratransit
3.      Modeling methodologies

V.         Other issues
1.      Public transportation market
2.      Financing
3.      Public transportation and ITS


Lecture notes provided by the instructor


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            Mid-Semester Examination       30%
            Assignments and Reports         30%
            Final Examination                     40%

            Close book exams