Semester Offering: January

This aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the role of transportation in urban development and planning, methods of analysis and forecasting transportation demand, transportation systems management and transportation sustainability.


Urban transportation planning process, design of urban transportation models including trip generation, trip distribution, modal split and traffic assignment, urban transit planning and design, computer applications for transportation planning.




I.            Introduction and Backgrounds
1.      The development of transportation planning
2.      The equilibrium concept of land use and transportation
3.      Transportation system analysis
II.         Trip Generation
1.      Introduction
2.      Influencing factors for trip generation
3.      Methodologies (Statistical approaches)
4.      Growth-factor method
III.       Trip Distribution
1.      Backgrounds
2.      Growth-factor method for trip distribution
3.      Synthetic or gravity models
4.      The entropy-maximizing approach
5.      The Tri-proportional approach
6.      Practical consideration
IV.      Mode Choice
1.      Introduction
2.      Influencing factors
3.      Trip-end modal split models
4.      Trip-interchange modal split model
5.      Synthetic models
6.      Equilibrium approach for model choice
V.         Discrete Choice Modeling
1.      The individual traveler’s decision process
2.      The concept of utility
3.      Random utility and the multinomial logit model
4.      Random and expected choices
5.      Aggregate models
VI.      Traffic assignment
1.      Introduction
2.      Shortest path finding
3.      User Equilibrium and Social Optimum
4.      Traffic assignment model
5.      Day-to-day route choice problem
6.      Dynamic traffic assignment and simulation



Lecture notes provided by the instructor


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      Mid-Semester Examination             30%
      Assignments and Reports                30%
      Final Examination                            40%

Close book exams.