Semester Offering: August

This course is aimed at providing background knowledge of transportation engineering with detailed and thorough understanding of the framework of transportation system and its basic characteristics to transportation students.


Transportation and development, technological and operating characteristics of transportation systems: land, air, water and other transport systems, urban transportation problems, transportation system management.




I. Introduction to Transportation
1. Definition of transportation
2. Elements of transportation system
3. Types of transportation system
4. History of development of transportation

II. Function of Transportation
1. Evaluation items of transportation systems
2. Distinction of the transportation systems

III. Transport System Elements and their Characteristics
1. Driver and pedestrian characteristics
2. Geometric and dynamic characteristics of vehicles
3. The highway and the environment

IV. Design of Land Transportation Facilities
1. Design of roadways and intersections

  • Design controls and criteria
  • Elements of design

V. Transportation System Management
1. Urban transportation problems
2. Principles of road management
3. TSM improvement techniques
4. Concept of traffic restraints
5. Road pricing schemes

VI. Transportation Problems and Environmental Impacts
1. Transportation problems
2. Environmental aspects


Lecture notes provided by the instructor


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Mid-Semester Examination 30%

Final Examination 70%

Closed book exams