Semester Offering: January

This course focuses on the essential elements of infrastructure maintenance planning and management.


Performance measures, deterioration modeling, prioritization, maintenance planning and policy, infrastructure economics, optimization, asset management system, tools and technology, infrastructure security and safety.




I Performance Measures
1. Defining performance
2. Common characteristics of infrastructures
3. Condition assessment and condition indicies

II Deterioration Modeling
1. Different types of deterioration models
2. Empirical and Mechanistic models
3. Markov and Semi-Markov models
4. Risk-based deterioration modeling

III Prioritization
1. Needs Analysis
2. Ranking by single criteria
3. Ranking by fixed and variable trigger points
4. Single/multiple-year prioritization

IV Maintenance Planning and Policy
1. Different types of maintenance planning
2. Maintenance policy

V Infrastructure Economics
1. Costs and benefits
2. Trade-off Analysis
3. Cost-effectiveness technique
4. Budget allocation

VI Optimization
1. Objective functions, decision variables and constraints
2. Optimization techniques
3. Optimal maintenance planning

VII Asset Management System
1. Management System
2. Components of Asset Management System

VIII Tools and Technology
1. Destructive Testing
2. Nondestructive Testing
3. Database Management System for Inventory Data Control
4. Other Information Technology

IX Infrastructure Security and Safety
1. Security and safety planning
2. Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment


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The grading system may change (without prior notice).  The Instructor will inform the grading system in the first day of the class