Semester Offering: January

This course explores the effective knowledge and practice in managing construction project quality. The course is divided into three modules: (i) Quality Management System, (ii) Total Quality Management in Construction Industry and (iii) Project Quality Material Management. The first module explains the concept and application of quality management system in construction industry. The second module covers material management which contributes 60-80% of the total project cost. Success in managing quality of materials is significant for the overall quality of the project. The third module covers the model of implementing Total Quality Management developed by the Construction Industry Institute, USA. Upon completion of three modules, students will be able to manage quality performance in construction projects.


Quality, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Total Quality Management (TQM), ISO 9000, Material Management.




I  Quality Management System

1. The cost of quality in construction projects
2. Statistical Quality Control
3. Quality Assurance and ISO 9000
4. Project Quality Planning
5. Quality Improvement Program

II  Materials Management for Total Project Quality

1. Project Material Requirement Planning and Control
2. Material Purchasing and Control
3. Material Quality Assurance and Quality Control
4. Site Material Management
5. International Project Materials Management

III  Total Quality Management in the Construction Industry

1. Road Map for TQM Implementation
2. Role of Management in TQM
3. Quality Improvement Planning
4. Construction Site Implementation



Lecture notes, chapters from the reference books below and relevant journal articles.


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Ireland , Lewis R. (1991): Quality Management for Projects and Programs, Pennsylvania : Project Management Institute


Construction Management and Economics

Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management

International Journal of Project Management

Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE


The grading system may change (without prior notice).  The Instructor will inform the grading system in the first day of the class