Semester Offering: InterSem

This course provides a link between university studies and working life. During the project students are exposed to practical issues and have the possibility to apply the acquired skills to real life problems. During the project, students work in groups of three to five, addressing a practical design issue in a target organization (AIT, Public organization, Company etc). Each group has a different topic which can be, for example, in the areas of requirement analysis, ICT strategy planning, application development, application evaluation and selection, or implementation of an ICT application. The students will become thoroughly acquainted with project management methods, customer relationship management as well as skills in both individual and group work.


Project management, System design, Software projects, Information system development methods.


Information and Communication Technology Applications: Users and Producers, Managing ITProjects, ICT Applications: Project Design.


I  Topic definition and clarification

1. Organisation of the project
2. Identifying objectives
3. Establishing a project authority

II  Project planning

1. Defining deliverables
2. Estimating resources, schedule
3. Analyzing project risks

III  Team work

1. Communication, coordination and collaboration in team work
2. Working in groups
3. Organizational behaviour

IV  Managing the project work

1. Monitoring the project
2. Change management

V  Development process

1. Selecting life-cycle model
2. Carrying out system analysis, design and implementation

VI  Project report


Lecture notes, handouts from listed reference books.


Hughess, B. & Cotterell, M.: Software Project Management, Glasgow , MacGraw-Hill, 3 rd Edition, 2002
Korhonen, T. & Ainamo, A.: Handbook of Product and Service Development in Communication and Information Technology, Boston , MA : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003
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Whitten, J., Bentley, L. & Dittman, K.: System Analysis & Design Methods, New York , MacGraw-Hill, 6 th edition, 2004


Communication of the ACM
Journal of Management Information Systems
The Journal of Collaborative Computing
International Journal of Information Management
Information System Research


The final grade will be computed from the following constituent parts:

•  Project work (60%)

  1. Deliverables
  2. Teamwork
  3. Project management

•  Final examination (40%)