Semester Offering: January

The chemical and physical properties of materials are determined by the chemical composition i.e. the kind of atoms, molecules or ions (qualitative composition) and by the relative amount of them (quantitative composition) present in the material. In this course the qualitative and quantitative analysis of materials is discussed.


Imaging Techniques, Materials Characterization techniques, Surface and Material Analytical Techniques




I. Imaging Techniques (Theory & Applications)

1. Optical Microscopy

2. Electron Microscopy

3. Secondary electron scattering, back scattering

4. Scanning Probe Microscopes

5. Focussed Ion Beam Technique

6. X-ray imaging


II. Surface and Material Analytical Techniques (Theory & Applications)

1. Auger Electron Spectrscopy



4. Trace elemental analysis with XPS, SIMS, XRF

5. Optical, electronic and vibrational spectroscopic tools

6. X-Ray Diffraction

III. Laboratory Sessions:

1. Sample preparation - cutting, lapping and polishing

2. Defect characterization by Chemical Etching

3. Introduction to SEM/TEM

4. Elemental Analysis by EDAX

5. Structural Characterization by XRD

6. Utilization of JUMP software for data analysis

7. Field Trip


Lecture notes


Eberhart, J. P., Structural and chemical analysis of materials : X-ray, electron and neutron diffraction; X-ray, electron and ion spectrometry; electron microscopy

Mak, Thomas C. W., Crystallography in modern chemistry: a resource book of crystal structures

Giacovazzo, Carmelo, Fundamentals of crystallography

Finniston, H. M., Structural characteristics of materials

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Williams, David B, Practical analytical electron microscopy in materials science


ISTFA (International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis) Proceedings

Electronic Device Failure Analysis Magazine- Manufacturer - ASM

Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications


The final grade will be computed from the following constituent parts: mid-term exam (30%), final exam (50%), and assignments (20%). Closed-book examination is used for both mid-term and final exam.