Semester Offering: August

This course serves as an introduction to basic processes used in fabricating semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. The objective is to develop the background knowledge necessary to understand the state-of-the-art semiconductor technology related to device fabrication processes.


Semiconductor Processing Technology: Crystal Growth, Wafer Preparation, Contamination Control, Wafer Fabrication. Microelectronics Fabrication: Oxidation, Photolithography, Doping, Deposition techniques, Metallization processes, Wafer Test and Evaluation, Semiconductor Devices, IC Formation, Chip Packaging.




I. Semiconductor Processing Technology

1. An Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication

2. Roadmap of semiconductor manufacturing

3. Semiconductor Materials and Process Chemicals

4. Crystal Growth and Wafer Preparation

5. Contamination Control

II. Overview of Wafer Fabrication

1. Phase Diagrams and Solid Solubility

2. Basic Wafer Fabrication Operations

3. Hot Processing and Ion Implantation

4. Construction of a Semiconductor Circuit

5. Chip Terminology

6. Process Yields

III. Principles of Microelectronics Fabrication

1. Oxidation

2. Rapid Thermal Processing

3. Photolithography

4. Photolithographic Processes

5. Optical Lithography

6. Photoresists

7. Non-optical Lithographic Techniques

IV. Processing of thin films

1. Vacuum Science and Plasmas

2. Etching

3. Physical Deposition: Evaporation and Sputtering

4. Chemical Vapor Deposition

5. Epitaxial Growth

6. Device Isolation, Contacts, and Metallization

7. Fundamentals of MEMS

V. Overview of Wafer Fabrication

1. The Business of Wafer Fabrication

2. Semiconductor Devices and IC Formation

3. Integrated Circuit Types

4. Chip Packaging


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The final grade will be computed from the following constituent parts: mid-term exam (30%), final exam (50%), and assignments/ project/ field trip report (20%). Open-book examination is used for both mid-term and final exam.