Semester Offering: January

Self-assembly and molecular manufacturing is what is being considered as the new realms of creating future devices and structures. This course describes some of the schemes that are being followed in molecular manufacturing.


Self-assembly process, Lithography and alternate techniques, Langmuir Blodgett films, SAM, Microcontact Printing.




I.       Perspectives of Nanotechnology
1.      What is self organization?
2.      Technology Revolution or Evolution?
3.      Outlook
4.      The Nano Perspective

II.   Nanomanufacturing and Molecular Assembly
1.     Langmuir Blodgett Films
2.      SAM
3.      Microcontact Printing
4.      Lithographies
5.      Nanomanipulators and Grippers
6.      Bottom-Up Manufacturing
7.      Molecular Scale Assembly Lines

III.  Nature’s Take on Nano and the Advent of Molecular Biology
1.      Macroscopic Expressions of Natural Nanomaterials
2.      Molecular Biology and Genetics
3.      Grand Challenges Facing Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
4.      Next Industrial Revolution


  1. Lecture Notes
  2. Prospects in Nanotechnology: Toward Molecular Manufacturing, Markus Krummenacker and James Lewis (Editors), ISBN-13: 978-0471309147, Wiley (1995)
  3. Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology By K. Eric Drexler; Anchor Books, 1986, ISBN 0385199732


1. Small Times


1. Science Direct
2. NanoToday


The final grade will be computed from mid-term exam (20%), final exam (40%), and assignments (40%). open-book examination is used for both mid-term and final exam.