Semester Offering: January

Part 1 Intelligent Transport Systems and Mobile Communications Course description: This course is focusing on the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) technologies and new mobile communications technologies, including Inter-Vehicle communications, Road-to-Vehicle communications, mobile CATV and street cell communications. Furthermore, Radio over Fiber (RoF) technologies and Software Defined Radio (SDR) technologies are also discussed. Communications Research Laboratory (CRL) studies and developing a couple of RoF wireless communication systems. In this lecture, their system concepts and experimental system configurations are especially explained. Furthermore, a possibility of the application of RoF technology for new mobile communications systems beyond IMT-2000 is also mentioned. Part 2 Adaptive Array and New Communications Infrastructure There is a growing interest in using wireless access systems to extend broadband network service to wireless terminals. There have been proposed several new techniques and schemes to realize such kinds of systems. This lecture mainly deals with techniques of array antenna system and a succinct description of the stratospheric platform system as a new communications infrastructure. The use of an array antenna is an attractive solution to mitigate the impairment of a wireless system such as fading and co-channel interference. On the other hand, the stratospheric platform system is expected to be a new communications infrastructure that can function as both a broadband access system and an economical network system. First of all, we discuss the basic theory of array antenna, then introduce the key techniques of array signal processing such as array beamforming schemes and methods of estimating direction of arrival (DOA). We also show several demonstrations of the above methods by using Matlab simulator. Next, we treat descriptions of the stratospheric platform system. After describing the platform system, we introduce newly developed communication equipment for the stratospheric platform system and several experiments which were conducted both in Hawaii using a NASAs solar powered plane and in Japan using a helicopter and a jet plane.


Introduction to array antenna system and techniques in wireless communications: Stratospheric platform system.




I  Array antenna theory

  1. Array antenna in wireless communications
  2. Mechanism of array antenna
  3. Vector-Matrix theory in array signal processing
  4. Relationship between array antenna and FIR filter
  5. Array signal model
  6. Matlab programming for array signal

II  Array beamforming

  1. Array beam pattern synthesis
  2. Array beamforming methods
  3. Matlab programming for array beamforming
  4. Cyclostationary beamforming

III  Direction-of-Arrival estimation in array antenna

  1. Problem formulation
  2. Conventional methods
  3. Parametric methods
  4. Spectral-based methods
  5. Spatial smoothing methods
  6. Cyclic MUSIC
  7. Matlab programming for direction-of-arrival methods

IV  Estimation of number of signals

  1. AIC and MDL methods

V  Stratospheric platform system

  1. What is the Stratospheric platform system
  2. Characteristics of the Stratospheric platform system
  3. Development of communication systems for the Stratospheric platform system
  4. Equipment for the system
  5. Experiments in Japan and Hawaii