Semester Offering: January

Communication networks of all types are developing at such a rapid pace and with the widespread deployment of networks that can support very high data transmission rates and a wide range of services, the task of providing the guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) is becoming increasingly complex. The task is worthwhile because it provides the insight required to improve operating efficiency.


General Concept and Structure, QoS Model for OSI, QoS in ATM Networks, QoS in IP Networks, Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and QoS in MPLS.


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I QoS General Concept

1. Quality of Service Reference Model
2. Conceptual Model and Building Blocks

  • QoS Model
  • QoS System

II QoS Model for OSI

1. Architecture Principles
2. Information Flows in the Model

  • Information Exchanged
  • Information Flow at (N)-service-boundary
  • Information Flow inside an (N)-system

3. Layer Model of QoS for OSI

  • Layering and Sub-layering
  • Roles of the Layer QoS Entities
  • Outgoing Flow of QoS Requirements
  • Incoming Flow of QoS Requirements

III QoS in ATM Networks

1. Traffic Contract
2. Traffic Conformance
3. Connection Admission Control (CAC for CBR, VBR, ABR, UBR and GFR traffic)
4. Queuing and Scheduling (Queuing Structure for QoS guarantee, Scheduling Mechanisms)
5. ABR Flow Control (ABR Service, Control Loop Parameters and Performance Metrics, Source/Destination Behavior, Switch Behavior, Binary/ Explicit Rate Mode ABR)
6. Congestion Control (Buffer-Partitioning Policies, Occupancy Measure, Discard Policies)


IV QoS in IP Networks

1. Per-Hop Packet Processing (A Generic Router, Classification, Policing and Marking, Queue Management, Scheduling)
2. Edge-to-Edge Network Models (IntServ, DiffServ, MPLS)
3. Establishing Edge-to-Edge IP QoS (RSVP, Implementing Policies)

V Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

1. General Concept
2. Layer 3 Routing
3. Label Switching
4. MPLS Operation
5. MPLS Architecture and Elements
6. Packet-based LSR and ATM LSR Operation
7. Label Switching Path (LSP) and its establishment
8. Label Distribution Protocol
9. Loop Survival, Prevention and Detection in MPLS


1. MPLS Implementation of IntServ
2. MPLS Implementation of DiffServ
3. MPLS QoS Implementation
4. Configuring QoS for MPLS VPNs



Lecture Notes


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Gary N. Higginbottom: Performance Evaluation of Communication Networks , Artech House, Inc. 1998


IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking
IEEE Communication Magazine
IEEE Network Magazine
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
IEEE Transaction on Communications


The final grade will be computed from the following elements:
Mid-sem Exam: 30%
Final Exam: 50%
The policy for the final examination is semi-open book.