Semester Offering: August

To provide an overview of basic teletraffic theory for network dimensioning and performance characterization of circuit switched public telecommunications network, broadband networks as well as the Internet.


Traffic Flows in Networks. Dimensioning of Loss and Delay Systems. Loss and Delay in Switching Systems. Traffic Measurements. Multi-Dimensional Traffic. Traffic Models for ATM and Internet.




I Traffic Flows in Networks

1. Traffic Units and Parameters
2. Holding Time and Call Intensity
3. Offered Traffic and Carried Traffic
4. Congestion and Delay
5. Traffic Variations
6. Subscriber Behavior

II Classical Loss Systems

1. Poisson Traffic Model
2. Erlang’s Model
3. Binomial, and Engset’s Models
4. Limited Availability, and Gradings – PJ Formula
5. Link Systems in Switching Networks
6. Dimensioning Tables and Charts, Computerized Aids

III Delay Systems

1. Classical Waiting Time Systems
2. Classification of Queuing Models
3. Infinite Source Delay-Loss Systems
4. Limited Source Delay-Loss Systems

IV Traffic Measurements

1. Measurements Recommended by ITU-T
2. Measurement of Holding Times, and Traffic Intensity
3. Measurement Accuracy

V Multi-Dimensional Traffic
1. Multidimensional Traffic Models
2. Overflow Traffic Modeling
3. ATM Traffic Characteristics, and Modeling


1. Traffic Behavior and Characterization
2. Dimensioning of Full Availability Loss Systems
3. Delay Systems
4. Limited Availability
5. Overflow Systems
6. ATM traffic Models


Lecture Notes


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The final grade will be computed from the following components: midsem exam. (35%), final exam. (50%), assignments (5%), and laboratories (10%).
Closed-book examination is naormally used in both midsem exam and final exam.