Semester Offering: August

Issues related to climate variability, energy, carbon sequestration, impacts on rain fall, agriculture and health will also be discussed as part of the course content. Land use computation of green house gases and field measurements of biomass  for data base development will be discussed. Students will have the scope for understanding basic issues related to carbon trading and mainstreaming of climate change into sustainable development.


Climate Change and Global Warming concept. Carbon sequestration, regional climate change and natural disasters over Asian countries, energy management, Rainfall and Agriculture yield variations and carbon trading.




I.       Overview, History and Issues
1.        Introduction
2.        Climate Variability and related factors
3.        Greenhouse gases, Global Warming
4.        International Geosphere Biosphere Programme[IGBP], Inter Governmental Panel  on climate change
5.        International protocols like Kyoto protocol,

II.       Global Carbon Pool
1.        Introduction
2.        Concepts of Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Assimilation and productivity
3.        Forest as carbon sink
4.        Carbon sequestration Strategies,
5.        Carbon Simulation Models
III.     Energy generation and impacts
1.        Energy generation consumption patterns
2.        Energy related issues and their impact on climate change
3.        Utility of renewable sources of energy 
4.        Energy management

IV.      Impact of Climate Change
1.        Introduction
2.        Regional climate change and specific impacts on agriculture and rainfall
3.        Emissions and Health effects
4.        Natural hazards / disasters 

V.       Measurements of Parameters
1.        Biomass/Carbon Measurement Methods
2.        Land use computation of green house gases

VI.      Climate Change and Sustainable Development
1.          Carbon Economy and Carbon trading issues
2.          Main streaming of Climate change into sustainable development
3.          UNESCO designated World Heritage sites to preserve World’s   natural   treasures


Lecture Notes by IV Muralikrishna

IV Muralikrishna and Vallimanickam
            Climate Change and weather modification technologies, BS Publications., India


Ahrens CD [2007] Meteorology today, an introduction to Weather, climate and the Environment, 8th Edn, Thompson, Brookes/Cole

IPCC: Assessment Report: Climate Change mitigation, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Geneva

Clark WC [Ed] [1982] Carbon dioxide review, Oxford University Press, New York


Climate Change International Journal –Springer Science
Natural Hazards, International Journal- Springer Science
International Journal of Geoinformatics


Final grades will be computed according to the following percentage distribution:

Final Examination 60% and
Mini Project 40%.

Examination will be open book.