Semester Offering: January

The course aims at providing RS/GIS and Computer Mapping Technology (CMT) students with an insight into both academic knowledge and practical skills at the entry level, and further aims at preparing students for more in-depth training in digital photogrammetry.


Fundamentals concepts of digital photogrammetry. Acquisition of digital image. Geometric transformation. Image classification. Image feature extraction. Image matching. Orthophoto generation. Topographic and thematic mapping. Applications.




I Introduction
1. Overview and History
2. Concepts of Cartography

II Fundamentals of Digital Photogrammetry
1. Analog, Analytical and Digital Photogrammetry
2. Photo Scanning and Geometric Correction
3. Image Filtering
4. image Segmentation
5. Image Feature Extraction

III Acquisition of Digital Images
1. Images: continuous and Discrete Images
2. Direct Digital Recording
3. Scanning of Analog Images

IV Basic Operations of Digital Images
1. Statistic Characteristics of Digital Images
2. Homogeneous and inhomogeneous point operation
3. Geometric Transformations
4. Resampling
5. Convolution

V Segmentation and Classification
1. Point Extraction
2. Line Extraction
3. Region Extraction
4. Classification
5. Examples

VI Matching Methods and Application
1. Image Matching
2. DEM Generation
3. Orthophoto Generation

VII Digital Mapping Methods
1. Topographic Mapping
2. Thematic Mapping
3. Applications


Lecture notes


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GIS World
International Journal of GIS (IGU)
GPS World
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
International Journal of ISPRS (ISPRS)
The Journal of Survey (JAS)




The Final grade will be computed according to the following weight distribution: Mid-Semester Exam 30%; Final Exam 50%; Assignments/Projects 20%. Closed-book examinations are usually given both in the Mid-Semester and Final Exams.