Semester Offering: January

This course introduces RS/GIS and Computer Mapping Technology (CMT) students to advanced mapping technology about automated map recognition, map design, 3D map display and others.


Advanced methodology of mapping technology. Automated map recognition. Map scanning. Geometric correction. Map feature extraction. Raster-vector conversion. Recognition of contour/cadastral maps. DEM Generation. 3D map display.


AT76.02 (Mapping Technology) or Consent of Instructor.


I Introduction
1. Overview and History
2. Concepts of Automated Cartography

II Fundamentals of Mathematical Morphology
1. Fundamental Operators of MM
2. Morphological Filtering
3. Binary Image Feature Extraction
4. Topological Properties

III Map Scanning and Processing
1. Map Scanning
2. Data Compression
3. Morphological Filtering
4. Geometric Feature Extraction
5. Topological Feature Extraction

IV Contour Map Recognition
1. Contour Line Feature Extraction
2. Contour Line Linking
3. Raster-Vector Conversion
4. Contour Line Labeling

V Cadastral Map Recognition
1. Map Line Feature Extraction
2. Polygon Generation
3. Leading Line Recognition
4. Number String Recognition
5. Multi-relations based Checking

VI DEM Generation
1. Basic Concepts
2. Algorithms of Computational Geometry
3. Generation of Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)
4. Generation of Grid-DEM


1. Introduction of Auto-2D System and Testing MM Operators
2. Pre-processing for Scanning Maps
3. Example of Contour Map Recognition
4. Example of Cadastral Map Recognition
5. Mini-project


Lecture notes


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GIS World
International Journal of GIS (IGU)
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
International Journal of ISPRS (ISPRS)




The Final grade will be computed according to the following weight distribution: Mid-Semester Exam 30%; Final Exam 50%; Assignments/Projects 20%. Closed-book examinations are usually given both in the Mid-Semester and Final Exams.