Semester Offering: August

Sensor fusion is integration of information from difference type of sensor. Sensor fusion is applied to create one good sensor from at least two sensors in terms of high performance, high accuracy, inexpensiveness, etc.


Introduction for methods and algorithms for sensor fusion and its application to automated and mobile mapping, sensor network, navigation and image processing.


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I.              Introduction
1.      Sensor fusion
2.      Application
II.           Sensor and platform
1.        Measurement sensor
2.        Positioning sensor
3.        Platform
4.        Sensor calibration
III.         Sensor fusion
1.      Sensor fusion for image processing
2.      Sensor fusion for navigation
3.      Sensor network
IV.        Application
1.      Mobile mapping
2.      Automated mapping


Lecture Notes


The Final Grade will be computed according to the following weight distribution:
Midsem Exam 40%
Final Exam 40%
Assignments 20%.
Closed-book examinations are usually given in both midsem and final.