Semester Offering: August
This course introduces the students to technology in hard disc drive industry. It covers both current recording technology and future technology with practical process in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) manufacturing.


Introduction to Hard disk drive (HDD) Technology, Magnetics for Writing Magnetic Media, Magnetic Recording Process, Understanding Heads, Thin film & Particulate Media, Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) and Head Stack Assembly (HSA), Understanding Channels and Coding, Future Technology Trend.


Consent of the Instructor


I.             Introduction to Hard disk drive (HDD) Technology
1.      Data storage methods
2.      Types of memories and interfaces
3.      Drive design overview
II.          Magnetics for Writing Magnetic Media
1.      Magnetic Anisotropy
2.      Magnetic Materials
3.      Losses in Magnetic recording
III.       Magnetic Recording Process
1.      Saving Files on Disk Drives
2.      Writer Performance
3.      Head Efficiency
4.      Track edge &Track width effects
5.      Magnetic Replay Process
6.      Transitions Effects
IV.        Understanding Heads
1.      Tracks, Sectors, Cylinders
2.      Data Rates
3.      Thin film Head Structure and Operations
V.           Thin film & Particulate Media
1.      Structrure of a Thin-film Disk
2.      Disk Media Substrate
3.      Texture
4.      Sputter Issues
5.      Disk Tribology
VI.        Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) and Head Stack Assembly (HSA)
1.      Drive Electronics
2.      Drive Mechanics
VII.     Understanding Channels & Coding
VIII. Technology Trend


Lecture Notes


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D. A. Bell:
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J. C. Mallinson:
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D. Mee:
Handbook of Magnetic Recording, McGraw-Hill, 1996 


Insight, IDEMA Publication
IEEE Transactions on Magnetism
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics


The final grade will be computed from the following constituent parts:
Mid-term exam (30%)
Final exam (50%) and
Assignments/ fieldtrip report (20%).
Closed-book examination is used for both mid-term and final exam.