Semester Offering: August

Information Visualization is a relatively new area of research that applies interactive graphical interfaces to reveal relationships and enable exploration of large complex sets of information. The goal of the course is to give you an overview of the field and hands-on experience with using visualization tools to analyze common types of information, such as the multidimensional data in databases and the semi-structured information in document collections and hypertext. This course will cover the following: " overview of the state-of-the-art " perceptual, cognitive, and interactive factors that influence effective visualizations " algorithms for extracting and analyzing relationships in data and text collections " case studies using open-source software


" Information Visualization, Visual Analysis, Interactive Graphics, Human Computer Interaction.


I  Introduction and Overview

II  Perception, Cognition and Interaction

1. Theories of visual perception and cognition
2. External cognition and diagrammatic reasoning
3. Dimensionality of data and representations

III  Data and Text Analysis

1. Multidimensional scaling, Clustering
2. Vector space analysis

IV  Visualization Techniques

1. Temporal and multidimensional representations
2. Hierarchical and network representations
3. Text and document collections
4. Multiscale & small displays

V  Interaction Techniques

1. Brushing & linking, Dynamic queries
2. Focus + context

VI  Case Studies

1. Multidimensional: Bioinformatics, Databases
2. Networks: WordNet, MeSH, Bayes nets, Social networks
3. Text: Document collections, hypertext, chat conversations


Course material will be taken from reference books and articles and provided before classes.


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Class participation: 20%
Presentation: 20%
Projects: 40%
Exam: 20%