Semester Offering: InterSem

This course discusses the rapid development of digital information technology and its impact on our global community exaggerated by the growth or the expansion of the Internet. Policy issues must be addressed with deep insights on the technology, its social impact and fair business models. This course will examine several examples of global public policy on internet resources, digital content copyrights and privacy.




I. Digital Content and the Internet Infrastructures

1. Digital Content

2. The internet infrastructure development

3. The Internet as social infrastructure

4. Conflicts and changes

II. Digital Content

1. Technology

2. Impact of the Internet

3. Copyrights

III. Privacy

1. What is privacy?

2. OECD principle

3. Examples in Japan, US and EU

4. Security

IV. Internet Resources Management

1. Organizations

2. Internet Addresses

3. Internet Domain Names

4. Protocol and Architecture


Lecture Notes and SOI/ASIA VDO archive.


J. Murai, J. Takei and M. Sato: IT policy and technology: Japan and Global IT Environment

Articles provided by instructor


The final grade will be computed from the following constituent parts:

  • project (40%)
  • assignment (20%)
  • final exam (40%).

Open/close-book examination is used for final exam.