Semester Offering: January

The global networked service system is the most complex technical system ever created and is turning out to be a very important infrastructure for society. The rationale behind this course is to give the students a basic understanding of principles and architectures for management of network resources and services and to learn concepts that makes it possible to: communicate, reason and creatively think about the operation and management of networks and networked services.


The course gives an introduction into principles and architectures for management (operations, administration, security, maintenance and provisioning) of resources in communication networks, ii) service concepts and architectures, iii) operation supports for next and future generation networks and iv) concepts and architectures for adaptive systems and autonomic communication.. This also includes management of servers and data center operation.


Required previous knowledge: Course CS - AT70.05 Computer Networks or similar.


I.            Network Operation
1.      Operation of the Global Internet
1.         Internet resources management and Internet exchanges
2.         Link layer technology
2.      Data Center Operation
3.      Server operation
4.      Data center operation model
5.      Security

II.          Network and System Management with focus on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)


(1)         Mani Subramanian (2000):
Network Management  Principles and Practice , Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-35742-9
(2)         Handouts and on-line materials


The Final grade will be computed according to the following weight distribution:

   Mid-Semester Exam 40 %;
   Assignments and/or practical assessments 10%;
   Final Exam 50%

Closed-book examinations are usually given both in the mid-semester and finals.