Semester Offering: January

The advancement in computer networks, computer architecture and storage technology leads to new development of database systems, operations and applications. The students majoring in computer science and information management need to be aware of such development. This course aims at providing the students with advanced topics related to the current database technology.


1.        An Introduction of the Course (Face-to-Face)
2.         Our research Activities (Face-to-Face)
3.    Architecture for Parallel and Distributed Databases
4.         Cost Estimation of Database Operations (to Evaluate Improvement by Parallel Processing)
5.         Parallel Database Operations (1)
6.         Parallel Database Operations (2)
7.         Approaches for Balancing Loads
8.         Data Warehouse and OLAP (as Applications of Parallel Databases)
9.         Advance Indexing Methods
10.     Data Replications and Recovery
11.      Storage Systems
12.      Advanced Transaction Models
13.      Distributed Transactions
14.      Workflow Management Systems


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